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Council Highlights - May 11, 2016 Meeting

The spring meeting of OAA Council was held on May 11, 2016 in connection with the OAA’s Annual General Meeting and Conference.  The meeting was held at the Allstream Centre in Toronto and the following priority agenda items were dealt with:  
  • Approval of the OAA’s Vision, Mission and Mandate 
Following a review of the OAA’s existing Vision, Mission and Mandate over the course of 2015 and into 2016, Council approved the following updated statements:
Vision: An Ontario in which architects are valued contributors to society, by creating a safe and healthy built environment that performs at the highest levels and elevates the human spirit. 
Mission: To serve the public interest through the regulation, support, and promotion of the profession of architecture in Ontario. 
Mandate: To regulate and govern the practice of architecture in Ontario in the service and protection of the public interest in accordance with the Architects Act, its’ Regulations and Bylaws; to develop and uphold standards of skill, knowledge, qualification, practice, and professional ethics among architects; and, to promote the appreciation of architecture within the broader society. 
Council also approved a logic model. The logic model will serve as an important tool in supporting the OAA’s vision, mission and mandate and will aid in decision making for Council, Committees and Staff. 
  • Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS) – Annual Meeting of the Founder
OAA Council voted on the usual orders of business that would be dealt by the OAAAS later in the week at the annual meeting of the Founder. The OAAAS is the official technology program of the OAA recognizing that the OAA is the sole founding organization. Items voted on included appointments to the Board of Directors, appointment of the auditor, as well as appointment of officers.  OAA Council also received and approved the 2015 Financial Report and Audit Statement for the OAAAS.  Later in the week, OAA President Toon Dreessen along with SVP & Treasurer John Stephenson, represented the Founder at the annual meeting. 
  • Revised Terms of Reference for the OAA Communications Committee 
Council approved a revised Terms of Reference for the Communications Committee which broadened the membership of the Committee to include members-at-large as well as an intern architect representative. The Committee has historically been a Committee of Council members. 
  • OAA Conference – Staff appreciation
The following motion was passed by Council to acknowledge the work that had gone into the organization and implementation of this year’s Conference and Annual meeting: 
It was moved by Mintz and seconded by Medford that the President be asked to express Council’s appreciation to staff for the organization of this year’s Conference given the complexity of this year’s event. 
  • Pro-Demnity Insurance Company Annual Meeting of the Shareholder 
In advance of the annual meeting of the shareholder, OAA Council considered a number of items that would be voted upon at the June 15th meeting.  These included appointment of the Board of Directors, appointment of the actuary, receipt of the ProDem Business Plan and 2015 Financial Statements. 
The OAA is the sole Shareholder of Pro-Demnity Insurance Company. 
  • OAA Council – Terms limits 
Following upon previous discussions and research conducted into what other regulatory bodies do in this regard, OAA Council passed a motion such that maximum term limits for Council members be put in place not to exceed a maximum of three consecutive 3-year terms. The Registrar was requested to provide direction on how best to implement this on a long term basis under the existing rules set by the Architects Act and Regulation 27. Council will reconsider this further at an upcoming meeting.
The next Council meeting will take place on Thursday June 16 at the OAA Headquarters in Toronto. Members are welcome to attend the open session. Please RSVP to Tina Carfa if you plan to attend.