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Council Highlights - March 9, 2017 Meeting

A meeting of the OAA Council was held on March 9 at the OAA Headquarters Building. The following priority agenda items were dealt with: 
Report on 2017 Council Planning Session by President Stephenson 
On February 2 and 3 OAA Council held its annual Council Priorities and Planning Session. During the day and a half session Council reviewed the extensive list of projects and initiatives already underway. Of specific note were detailed discussions focused on the Building Renovation and the Refresh of the OAA Awards Program.   
The Friday session focused on four specific topics representing potential new and strengthened areas of engagement of the association. 
Click here to read the full report.   
OAA Annual Audit 2016 
The Senior Vice President and Treasurer presented the 2016 report of the OAA’s Auditors noting that Grant Thornton has issued a clean audit once again. 
Council received and accepted the 2016 Audited Financial Statements for the Ontario Association of Architects as circulated which will be contained in the OAA Annual Report. The Annual Report will be posted to the OAA Website in April in advance of the Annual General Meeting. 
Society Special Project funding 
OAA Council approved the allocation of the 2017 Society Special Project funding Each year the local architectural societies of the OAA are invited to submit proposals for consideration under this annual funding. The funding is awarded to carry out projects or events that further the objective of the OAA and the profession as a whole. The total funding allocation for 2016 is $81,000 and has been distributed among requests from a variety of societies. Information and complete details of the funding allocation and activities will be posted to the Societies page of the OAA Website shortly. 
Support for 2017 “Imagining My Sustainable City” Initiative 
Council has once again approved funding to support the No.9 Imagining My Sustainable City program. The OAA has provided financial support to this program since 2012. The IMSC program is focused on education of elementary school children related to sustainability and green design. Council belives  that this program aligns very well with the public education and awareness objectives of the OAA as well as fills a need to reach school aged children.  The program also runs with the help of volunteer OAA members. 
Over the past two years, No. 9 has delivered IMSC to six Hamilton Elementary Schools in collaboration with the HDWSB. No.9 also engaged and trained 3 OAA members in 2016 while delivering the IMSC program to these Hamilton Schools. No.9 has also delivered the program to 3 private schools in Toronto and the surrounding vicinity. Through strong leadership, immersive programming and engaging partnerships, No. 9 works to offer much needed education for youth in sustainable city development. 
Approval Terms of Reference for joint OAA/ARIDO Joint Task Force 
Further to the direction provided to ARIDO by the Attorney General of Ontario regarding the possibility of regulation of interior design under the guise of the Architects Act, Council has approved the establishment of a joint Task Force between the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and the OAA. In accordance with the approved terms of reference, these discussions will take place with mutual respect and an understanding of the individual identity of each organization and its respective profession as well as the importance for each profession to maintain appropriate oversight.  Representatives of both the OAA and ARIDO on this Task Force will report directly to their respective OAA Council and ARIDO Board of Management on a regular basis. The Task Force will have no formal decision making authority on behalf of either organization, but rather will bring forward recommendations for the consideration by the OAA Council and ARIDO Board. 
The first meeting of the Task Group itself is anticipated some time in May.  
Council approves ongoing support for The Pavilion Project  
OAA Council has approved funding support for the continuation of the Pavilion Project. 
The Pavilion Project is a non-profit initiative designed to promote innovative architectural thinking. The project supports the design and construction of a temporary pavilion structure, open to the public.  
In addition, the temporary structures will host educational and inspirational programming throughout the summer in collaboration with cultural institutions and community partners across the city of Toronto.
The project will be launching in 2018. 
The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for Wednesday May 24, 2017 in concert with the RAIC/OAA Festival of Architecture being held in Ottawa.