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Council Highlights - June 16, 2016 Meeting

The summer meeting of OAA Council was held on June 16, 2016 at OAA Headquarters. The following priority agenda items were dealt with:

Building Renovation and Refresh moves to next stage 
Recognizing the importance of architecture as it relates to achieving the 2030 Challenge, Council has unanimously approved the direction to proceed with detailed design for a comprehensive renovation and refresh of the OAA Building. A report back to Council with detailed design and pre-tender estimate of construction costs is anticipated in December.  
World Architecture Day Event at Queen’s Park 
Council approved a proposal to host an all-party event at Queen’s Park on World Architecture Day, October 3, 2016. This event will help facilitate a more direct connection between the architectural community and members of government while also supporting the OAA’s objective to promote public appreciation of architecture and advance the issues that affect the profession and the public interest. Full details will be made available as planning gets underway. 
Communications Committee -- Terms of Reference 
OAA Council approved changes to the Terms of Reference for the Communications Committee to include members at large, including a Licensed Technologist OAA as well as an Intern Architect. Watch for the call for new members in the fall.
Changes coming re. Terms Limits on OAA Council 
A proposal to implement a limit on the number of terms served on OAA Council was approved and will be implemented through an amendment to Regulation 27 under the Architects Act.  Efforts will be under way shortly to pursue the regulatory amendment which will see a limit of three consecutive three-year terms put in place for serving on OAA Council. As amendments to regulation take time Council has agreed, in the interim, to abide by the terms set out in the amendment until the regulation is approved by the Government of Ontario. 
More Options to take OAA Admission Course 
Responding to feedback from intern architects who have attended the OAA Admission Course, further changes have been approved in terms of the delivery of the Course. An additional option of delivery is anticipated for this fall which will see the individual Course modules offered over a period of weeks in a smaller class size setting. Full details will be sent to all eligible interns once the program and schedule has been established. The Course will also continue to be offered at the present time in concert with the OAA Conference. The online delivery option is also under development which we anticipate will be available in 2017. 
The Toronto Pavilion Series 
Council agreed to continue its financial support for The Pavilion Series, a non-profit initiative of local relevance and international distinction. The Series is committed to advancing the culture of architecture and design through the construction of innovative temporary structures. Every summer the Series will commission an emerging architect to tests out the limits of design. The pavilion will be a place to be, a place to build community and a catalyst for transforming neighborhoods. 
Report on National meeting of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) 
Council received a report on the recent meetings of the CALA held in Nanaimo, BC in early June. Attending on behalf of the OAA were OAA President Toon Dreessen, Senior Vice President and Treasurer John Stephenson along with Executive Director Kristi Doyle. Reports were received from the Canadian Architectural Certification Board and the International Relations Committee during the meeting as well as updates and discussion occurred relative to the Report and Recommendations from the National Validation Conference of September 2014. The full set of materials from the meeting is posted on the OAA Website within the June 2016 Open Council meeting package.