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Council Highlights - January 19, 2017 Meeting

OAA Council met for its first meeting of 2017 on January 19 at the OAA Headquarters Building. The following priority agenda items were dealt with: 
Presentation by the Ontario Association of Applied Architectural Sciences
OAAAS President Jeremiah Gammond and Administrative Assistant, Rommy Rodrigues joined the Council meeting to report on the annual activities of the OAAAS, the architectural technology program of the OAA.  It was reported that the OAAAS experienced continued growth in 2016 and equilibrium has been reached with an equivalent of new OAAAS members as those who have applied for licence to the OAA.  At the end of the fiscal year, there were 114 Lic.Tech.OAA’s and 26 Certificates of Practice.  The 2016 OAA Admission Course was attended by 20 Technologists, OAA. Gammond reported that there has been discussion with respect to renewal of the OAAAS program including looking at the structure of the Admissions, and the designation.
The OAAAS is responsible for administering the experience and examination requirements on behalf of the OAA for technologists in the architectural discipline in order to become licensed by the OAA as Licensed Technoloigsts, OAA.
Election of Officers 2017
The annual Election of Officers was held at the January 19 meeting with the following results:
President, John K. Stephenson
Sr. Vice President & Treasurer, Kathleen Kurtin
Vice President Practice, Walter Derhak
Vice President Regulatory, Barry Cline
Vice President Communications, Vanessa Fong
Vice President Strategic, David C. Rich
Updates to OAA Policy Statement regarding Licensed Technologist, OAA
Further to direction arising out of the December meeting, Council approved a number of amendments to the Policy Statement that governs the limited licence held by the Licensed Technologist OAA.  Specifically, the Policy Statement has been updated to allow for the Licensed Technologist OAA to vote on matters before the Annual General Meeting of members, as well as in the annual Council elections for the newly established Licensed Technoloigst, OAA seat on Council.  A Licensed Technoloigst, OAA may also sit on a statutory committee where the matter under consideration is one that affects the Licensed Technoloigst, OAA member.  Amendments to Regulation 27 under the Architects Act are now being sought to establish a seat on OAA Council for these members.  
Approval of Amendments to OAA By-laws 
Council approved a number of amendments to the OAA’s By-laws which govern the administrative and domestic affairs of the association. The amendments include housekeeping changes, as well as much needed updating and the incorporation of Licensed Technologists, OAA. The OAA By-laws, revised 2017 will be subject to ratification by the membership at the May 2017 Annual Meeting of members.  A copy will be sent to all members along with the Official AGM Notice & Agenda in March.
Communications Content Steering Committee
Terms of Reference for the newly formed Communications Content Steering Committee were approved by Council. The mandate of the committee is to review the process for content generation for the Association as a whole:
  • In consideration of the vision, mission and mandate of the Association;
  • In consideration of the Council priorities, including the public awareness campaign and government/policy initiatives;
  • Transition plan for Perspectives content
  • Increasing content providers; sources / broadening collaboration and outreach
  • Review of internal processes for inviting, supporting, working with providers
  • Editorial function
  • Advertising
  • Legal considerations: releases, copyright, ownership, imagery and those specific to digital content
The Committee will be comprised of the Vice President Communications; Intern architect Appointee to the Communications Committee; OAA Member Appointee to the Communications Committee; as well as other members of Council. 
CACB Revised Terms & Conditions for Accreditation
Council approved the revised CACB Terms & Conditions for Accreditation The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) is given a mandate by the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) and the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA) to administer a number of programs on our behalf including Accreditation of professional programs in the Canadian University Schools of Architecture. There are two specific documents that govern that process: CACB Procedures for Accreditation (essentially administrative/operational matters) and the CACB Conditions and Terms for Accreditation.
The National CACB Standing Committee has been working on revisions to the Terms & Conditions for Accreditation for the past two years as a result of the Report and Recommendations of the National Validation conference. The revised document will be available shortly on the CACB website.
Fines for Non-compliance with the Mandatory Continuing Education Program
Further to a recommendation advanced by the Public Interest Review Committee (PIRC) Council approved a 2-tiered system of fines at $500 for the first offence and $1,000 for all subsequent offences for non-compliance with the Continuing Education Program.  A process of updating the ConEd policy documents as well as notification to members well in advance of the end of this current cycle will be under way shortly.
The annual Council Priority Setting Session is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2017 afternoon/evening and Friday, February 3, 2017 at the OAA Headquarters Building, Toronto.