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Council Highlights - December 9, 2016 Meeting

A meeting of the Council was held on December 9, 2016 at the OAA Headquarters Building.  The following priority agenda items were dealt with: 
Licensed Technologist, OAA – Role in Governance Matters
Council approved a number of recommendations that had been advanced with respect to the governance matters related to Licensed Technologists, OAA. These matters have been under discussion for a number of years and include establishing a seat for a Lic.Tech., OAA on Council as well as extending voting rights to these members at the Annual General Meeting of members. By voting in favour, Council has concluded that there indeed should be a defined role for these licensed members in OAA Governance matters. The Registrar and Executive Director have been asked to consider the recommendations further and advise Council in the New Year on the regulatory and/or policy steps required to implement these recommendations.
Deputation from Past Presidents Birdsell and Craddock
Council received a deputation from OAA Past Presidents Bill Birdsell and David Craddock regarding Council’s recent decision to sunset OAA Perspectives magazine following the publication of the Spring 2017 edition. Both urged Council to reconsider their decision and cited the important role that the publication has played in communicating with OAA members and beyond.
On behalf of Council, President Dreessen thanked Birdsell and Craddock for their time and for attending Council with their concerns. Council received the information and will consider it further. 
Appointments to OAA Committees
Council approved the appointment of members to various OAA Committees at the December meeting. These appointments will be effective January 1, 2017. A number of re-appointments were also made to ensure continuity on a number of the Committees. In accordance with Council’s newly adopted policy regarding Female Representation on OAA Committees, Council has already made strides towards reaching representation by women on OAA Committees that is proportional to the number of women that are members of the Association.
The following specific appointments were made: 
Complaints Committee
Jeffrey Jerome
Jose Castel-Branco
James Farrow
Katie Ginn
Lida Mohammadi
Discipline Committee
Richard Bruynson
Amirreza Sadeghi
Experience Requirements Committee
Monica Aggarwal
Eddie Edmundson
Suzanne Graham
Andrea Spencer
Practice Committee
David Craddock
Tim Gorley
Rick Mateljan
Laura Rachlin
Kevin Weiss
Project Administration Resource Committee
Bini Saha
Laszlo Mohacsi
Sub-committee on Building Codes & Regulations
George Christoff
Elektra Vrachas
Stephen Pope
Sustainable Built Environment Committee
Andy Thomson
Richard Williams
Cheryl Atkinson (Rep from Ryerson U.)
Communications Committee
Jean Audette
Joël León
Sadeq M. Sadeq
Practice Review Committee
Peggy Chiu
Magid Basilious
Interns Committee
Isabel Amos
Steven Schuhmann
Lisa Spensieri
Jocelyn Squires
Michael Stock
Mutual Recognition Agreement between CALA and ACE 
As a member of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA), Council provided its’ approval on behalf of the OAA of the draft Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between CALA and the Architect’s Council of Europe (ACE). This agreement has been under development for a considerable number of years through CALA’s International Relations Committee (IRC). The challenge has been the lack of consistency in the EU countries with respect to licensing and regulatory requirements for architects and the practice of architecture. 
This agreement will require architects from the EU, who meet the eligibility requirements, to complete Canadian, domain-specific courses before becoming licensed to ensure consistency in their ability to become licensed in Canada. Canadians seeking licensure may be subject to domain specific requirements in the individual jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure. OAA’s approval is conditional on those requirements being made clear before the final agreement is signed. Each jurisdiction will be required to sign on to the agreement individually. 
Honours & Awards Steering Committee 
The members of Council received an update from the Honours & Awards Steering Committee with respect to the 2017 awards program as well as their ongoing review of the recommendations stemming from the Fall Report. 
Council also approved a new program policy re. Conflict of Interest for the Adjudicating process for OAA Awards. This policy will apply to the 2017 program. 
OAA By-laws Review 2016 
Council considered proposed amendments to the OAA’s By-laws which govern the administrative and domestic affairs of the association.  The amendments include housekeeping changes, as well as much needed updating and the incorporation of Licensed Technologists, OAA. A final draft will be presented to Council at the January meeting and will be subject to approval by the membership at the May AGM. 
Interns Committee – Report on attendance at 2016 Festival of Architecture 
On behalf of the Intern’s Committee, a report was presented regarding the attendance of incoming Council member Gordon Hunt’s attendance at the RAIC Festival in Nanaimo in June. Hunt had been selected to attend the Conference along with another Intern-at-Large as part of Council’s efforts to better incorporate intern architects into the profession. A similar opportunity will be available to interns to attend the Festival at no cost in 2017.