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Council Highlights - Council Highlights - Aug. 15 & Sept. 14, 2017

A special meeting of OAA Council was held on August 15, 2017 as well as a regular meeting of the Council on September 14, 2017 at the OAA’s temporary offices located at 1 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto.  
August 15, 2017 special meeting of Council 
OAA Council held a special meeting on August 15 for the purpose of receiving a report and recommendations from the OAA Building Committee regarding the final construction cost estimate for the OAA Headquarters renovation project.   
After consideration and discussion Council directed that the OAA building renovation and refresh project proceed to tender with a few modifications as discussed and agreed to during the August 15 Council meeting with an approved budget of $5.75 million in construction costs.   In addition, Council approved five pre-qualified general and directed that the Building Committee be authorized to direct staff to sign the construction contract within the approved budget. 
Watch for additional information on the building project area of the OAA Website.   
The following items of particular note were dealt with by Council at the September 14, 2017 meeting: 
The President recited the following acknowledgement that the Council meeting was being held on indigenous land: 
“I would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we are meeting is the traditional territory of the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee, the Métis, and the Huron-Wendy peoples and most recently, the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. The territory was the subject of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy, the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.  This territory is also covered by the Upper Canada Treaties. 
Today, the meeting place of Toronto (from the Haudenosaunee word ‘Tkaronto’) is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work in this territory. 
Of special interest is that Moatfield is also the location of an ossuary or gravesite near today’s Leslie Street and Highway 401 that was rediscovered in 1997 during the expansion of a soccer field. The bones of 90 people were found there and then relocated to a secret location in the general area of the original gravesite.” 
Upcoming Changes to the OAA Awards Program  
Further to the Report and Recommendations from consultant Brigitte Desrochers one year ago OAA Council provided final approval to proceed with implementation of the recommendations based on further study and plan for implementation provided by the Awards Review Steering Committee. 
Of note the Landmark Award and the Sustainability Award will be sunset as well as the Concepts award which will be replaced with a new Challenge Program.  The Awards program will now take place on a two-year cycle with design awards and career achievement celebrated in even years and the Challenge Program in odd years.  Annually, at the AGM, the service and leadership awards will be given. 
A full roll out of the changes which will be in place for 2018 will begin in October. 
Deputation to Council regarding The Right Angle. 
OAA Council received a deputation from Past Presidents Bill Birdsell and David Craddock regarding a sponsorship opportunity for the OAA to support a new publication called The Right Angle the first edition of which was set to be distributed the following week to 4,000 architects across the country.   
OAA Council will consider the deputation and request in preparation for the November Council meeting. 
Consortium Business Models: Resources for Small Architectural Practices in Ontario: Final Report. 
Council received the report titled Consortium Business Models: Resources  for Small Architectural Practices in Ontario which was produced by the Ryerson School of Business further to the Member Resolution passed at the May 2015 Annual General Meeting.  OAA President John Stephenson will be attending an upcoming meeting of SPIF to discuss the report as well as discuss possible next steps. The report will be made available to the membership with further commentary shortly. 
OAA Headquarters Renew + Refresh Communications Plan 
In keeping with Council’s commitment to use the OAA HQ 2030 Project as an opportunity to raise the profile of the OAA, illustrate our professional commitment to the 2030 Challenge and Sustainability and create a case study for improving existing buildings to better meet the needs of today and the future Council approved Phase II of the Communications Plan for the OAA Headquarters Renew + Refresh. 
The overall approach to communications relative to the building project is to leverage the value of the OAA HQ Renew + Refresh project; empower and support the members to leverage the positive impacts made by their work and their clients. 
Phase II of the plan  for the most part be technically focused on aspects of the design and construction that relate specifically to sustainable design and reaching zero net carbon.   
OAA submission re. Changes to Ontario Building Code (OBC)  
The Vice President Practice presented the recommendations of the OAA’s Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulations (SCOBCAR) regarding the most recent consultation issued by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs around proposed changes to the OBC.  Following discussion and debate Council approved the recommendation with some minor modifications.  The OAA’s final submission as approved by Council will be advanced to the Ministry in order to meet the September 29 deadline. 
Further Consideration of the Motion passed by Members at the Annual General Meeting 
At the June Council meeting, the motion passed by members at the May AGM was considered by Council.  Council had decided to gather additional information before making any decisions regarding the resolution. 
Based on that additional information which included a legal opinion which confirmed that the OAA has been correctly interpreting the Employment Standards Act (ESA) such that intern architects are ‘students in training’ in the profession of architecture Council approved an open letter to the membership from the President urging all members to treat all employees equally under the ESA regardless of the professional exemptions. 
The letter was issued to members on September 20. 
The next Council meeting will take place on November 2 in Toronto at the OAA’s temporary location: 1 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto. Members are welcome to attend the open meeting. Please RSVP to Tina Carfa if you plan to attend.