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City of Ottawa Recruiting for Committee of Adjustment

Deadline: December 13
The City of Ottawa’s recruitment for its Committee of Adjustment is now underway, and it is interested in reaching out to architects for participation.
This 15-member panel considers applications for minor variances to the City’s zoning by-laws and applications for consent to subdivide sever properties. The Committee is an independent body that performs its duties at arm’s length from the City administration and operates under the authority of the Planning Act. (More information can be found at
Ideal members for the Committee will have a broad range of skills, knowledge and personal and professional experience, including:
• relevant knowledge in planning, municipal and development law, architecture, community development, urban design principles, official plans and zoning by-laws;
• previous experience with Committees of Adjustment, decision-making, communication and mediation;
• knowledge of the City of Ottawa’s building, planning and development processes; and
• current or past community involvement with other committees, non-profit groups, voluntary societies and occupational associations.
All applicants are encouraged to review the recruitment information and apply by Thursday, December 13 at 4:30 pm.
(This information was provided on behalf of the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects [ORSA], which is in the process of revamping its website.)