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City of Ottawa Planning Advisory Committee


At its meeting of December 13, 2017, Ottawa City Council approved the establishment of a new Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and as part of the Committee’s membership, one member of the OAA will be a representative on this Committee. 
The mandate of the PAC is to advise the City specifically with respect to the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department’s policy priorities and work plan but may also include other matters as they arise. 
The composition of the PAC provides for input from community representatives, the development industry, major non-residential property owners, professional groups who interact regularly with the City’s planning process, and residents drawn from the urban, suburban and rural areas of the city.
Further information about the PAC and its mandate is available at 
Council will consider the recommendations for appointment to the PAC in late March or April, with orientation of new members to follow shortly thereafter. Please note that the term of appointment will be until the next recruitment process, which is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2018.
Please be advised that, pursuant to the City’s Appointment Policy, the nominees must be a resident of the City of Ottawa, at least 18 years of age, and not a full time permanent employee of the City of Ottawa, in order to be a member.
To apply, fill out an application form or submit a résumé and cover letter indicating the position for which you are applying. Outline how your qualifications, specific skills, interests and background are relevant to the Planning Advisory Committee. To confirm residency, please include your home address. All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 4:30 pm to:

Eric Pelot
Recruitment Coordinator 
City of Ottawa 
Tel. (613) 580-2424, ext.|  22953