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Changes coming to OAA’s suite of CSA standards

For the last few years, the OAA has made a package of 10 CSA standards, referenced in the Ontario Building Code (OBC), available to its members for free. Architects should be aware that the selection of available standards is being changed. As of May 1, the following standards will no longer be available through the OAA program:

  • A123.1/A123.5, Asphalt Shingles Made From Organic Felt and Surfaced With Mineral Granules / Asphalt Shingles Made From Glass Felt and Surfaced with Mineral Granules;
  • A179-2014, Mortar and Grout for Unit Masonry;
  • A23.1/A23.2-2014, Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction / Test Methods and Standard Practices for Concrete;
  • A23.3-2014, Design of Concrete Structures; and
  • O86-2014, Engineering Design in Wood.
In their place, architects using the OAA program will be able to access the following:
  • S304.1-14, Design of Masonry Structures (includes Update No 1 [2015]);
  • CAN/CSA-A165.1-04 and CAN/CSA-A165 Series-14-2014, Concrete Block Masonry Units (consists of A165.1, A165.2, and A165.3);
  • S413-14, Parking Structures;
  • CAN/CSA-O325-16 R.2016, Construction Sheathing; and
  • CAN/CSA-F326-M91-2014, Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems.
Access to these five standards continues:
  • A371-2014, Masonry Construction for Buildings;
  • A440.4-2007, Window, Door, and Skylight Installation;
  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-2011, North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights (NAFS);
  • S478-1995, Guideline on Durability in Buildings; and
  • B651-2012, Accessible Design for the Built Environment.
As before, members will have access to the latest versions of the standards as well as to the previous versions where available.
To find out more about accessing the 10 standards, click here.