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Call to Intern Architects

Volunteers needed

There are two vacancies for Intern Architects on the Interns Committee. The Interns Committee was recently adopted as a permanent Committee of the OAA. It has the ongoing task of apprising Council about issues of importance to interns and support the integration of interns into the association. The Committee meets every two months for approximately 3 hours. Sub-committees meet independently and report back at the bi-monthly meeting.
As a member of the Interns Committee, you will be involved in improving the path to the profession from school through to licensure. The Interns Committee’s objectives include:
  • Enhance the Student relationship with the Regulator
  • Enhance the Internship Process
  • Enhance the Mentorship and Experience Process
  • Identify additional issues for consideration
  • Validation Conference outstanding issues reporting
The purpose of the Interns Committee is to continue the strides made by the two previous committees. The first TIF Committee was instrumental in developing a position paper on behalf of OAA Council for the National CACB Validation Conference held in 2014. The position paper included recommendations and strategies to ensure a successful and supportive transition from graduation to licensure. The second TIF has been working on implementation of the recommendations and strategies.
If you wish to volunteer, please complete the Expression of Interest Form and return to Leanne Mohammed no later than Friday February 5, 2016.