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Architects are a Cornerstone of Ontario’s Economy: 2018 Report

The OAA has released a report by Altus Economic Consulting on the economic impact of architecture in Ontario. This independent analysis confirms that the province’s architects are building Ontario—both literally and economically. The report shows how architects deliver real value in business, housing, commercial development, tourism and most other facets of the provincial economy. 
Architecture is a profession that acts in the public interest while driving and multiplying prosperity. Economic activity from the architecture industry’s entire footprint in Ontario totalled $128.4 billion or 14 per cent of Ontario’s GDP. The footprint of the architecture industry supports nearly one million jobs in Ontario.
The report, “Contribution of the Architectural Services Industry to Ontario's Economy” is a timely reminder of who architects are and why architecture matters. However, it also shows how more can be done. Ontario needs a provincial architecture policy, better recognition of architectural work, Quality Based Selection (QBS) in procurement processes and more emphasis on design excellence.