Notification Window

2018 OAA Committee Vacancies

DEADLINE: October 13, 2017

Volunteers are important to the work of the OAA. A diversity of voices, opinions, skills and knowledge are critical to the decision making process. Please consider volunteering on one of the 12 Committees which have vacancies for the 2018-2020 term.
The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) recognizes the inherent benefit of encouraging the active participation of all members in its volunteer opportunities and is committed to having committees that are representative of the profession now and in the future.
Recognizing that the number of women in the profession is increasing, and that the profession is becoming more diverse, the OAA commits to greater diversity and inclusion as well as working towards gender parity in its appointments process.  OAA Council will consider the formal adoption of a policy which will strive for inclusion, diversity and gender parity on all of our Committees in the fall
OAA Committees/Task Groups: 
  • Audit Committee
  • Complaints Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Experience Requirements Committee (ERC)
  • Practice Advisory Coordination Team (PACT)
  • Practice Committee (PC)
  • Registration Committee
  • Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulations (SCOBCAR)
  • Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC)
  • The Interns Committee
Read below for more information about the role of each Committee and what is required as a Committee member. Architects interested in serving on any of the following committees are encouraged to do the following: 
1. Send a quick e-mail to the staff member for the committee, saying you are interested (e-mail links below).
2. Complete the Indication of Interest form.
3. Fax or e-mail your CV with the Indication of Interest form to the staff member for the committee; FAX: 416-449-5756 
Deadline: Friday, October 13, 2017
Audit Committee
The Committee’s principal responsibilities are to see that accounting policies and internal controls are established and followed, and that the OAA issues financial statements that are balanced and present a reasonable assessment of the association’s financial position.
Functions and responsibilities of the Committee include:
  • Review with the auditors, before the audit commences, the nature and scope of the audit 
  • Review with the auditors their evaluation of the associations internal control systems
  • Review the association’s risk management profile, including investment practices and insurance coverage.
  • Review with the auditors, on completion of the audit, their experience, any restrictions on their work, their findings and their recommendations.
  • Review and approve the annual financial statements, auditors’ report and actuary’s report for presentation to Council.
  • Review proposals and make recommendations to Council for the appointment of the association’s external auditors.
Members of the Audit Committee meet with the OAA’s auditors twice yearly to discuss the auditors’ work plan and later to review the auditors’ findings before the financial statements are presented to Council.
Architects interested in joining the Committee or who require further clarification should contact Marilyn McInnes, Manager, Finance and Administration at

Complaints Committee 
The Complaints Committee is a statutory body established under the Architects Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A. 26, s. 29,  that considers and investigates complaints made by members of the public or members of the Association regarding the conduct or actions of any architect licensed by the OAA or holder of a Certificate of Practice or a Temporary Licence. 
The Committee is seeking five (5) new members to begin January 2018 for a three-year term. 
The Committee meets monthly, with the majority of meetings being held by conference call and 2-3 meetings per year held in-person at the OAA. For the purpose of reviewing case material, the Committee is divided into teams and one member of each team leads the review and prepares a written report to the Committee. All Committee members are expected to review the documents of all cases prior to the meeting and participate in Committee deliberations. All Complaints Committee matters are strictly confidential.  
Several years of experience in a broad range of architectural activities is ideal.
Architects interested in joining the Committee should contact Jakanah Sambavalingam in the Office of the Registrar at

Discipline Committee
The Discipline Committee is a statutory body established under Section 33 of the Architects Act to hear allegations of professional misconduct against a member of the Association or a holder of a certificate of practice or a holder of a temporary licence. 
The Act requires that members of the Discipline Committee have a minimum of ten years-experience in the practice of architecture. The Discipline Committee is seeking two architects begin January, 2018 for a three year period. 
Committee membership involves sitting as a member of a Tribunal selected for a particular matter, hearing evidence presented by legal counsel to the Association and legal counsel to the member, and rendering a Decision. 
Architects interested in joining the Discipline Committee or who require further clarification should contact Tina Carfa, Executive Assistant, Executive Services at  

Experience Requirements Committee
The Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) is responsible for interviewing and assessing the experience of applicants for licence. The applicants either request an interview or are referred by the Registrar. The Committee is empowered to determine whether the experience obtained by applicants is sufficient for entry into the practice of architecture in Ontario. The ERC is a statutory body established under the Architects Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A. 26, s. 13; and you would work with staff in the office of the Registrar.
The Experience Requirements Committee is seeking four new members to begin January 2018 for a three year term.
The ERC meets on Tuesdays for a full or half day, once monthly, seven months out of the year; March, April, May, June, September, October and November. There is a training session in February.
Architects interested in joining the Experience Requirements Committee or who require further information may contact Kim Wray in the Office of the Registrar at

Practice Advocacy Coordination Team
The Practice Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT) coordinates the means in which specific issues and concerns that are political in nature are addressed, i.e. requiring discussion with various levels of governments. It identifies emerging issues in our industry specifically related to the practice of architecture in Ontario and coordinating the advancement of those issues in order that practices have a fair and transparent condition in which to operate. 
The Committee coordinates existing and future ongoing OAA committees' and sub-committees' work toward achieving maximum effectiveness through the monitoring of priories and inter-communication. It identifies methods of gathering information about issues, advancing concerns, and initiatives to governments and the membership.
PACT is seeking a new member to begin January 2018 for a three year term.
Members interested in joining PACT or who require further information may contact Sara Trotta at

Practice Committee
The Practice Committee (PC) is a non-statutory Committee that reviews practice related issues, both regulatory and business-related, that impact on day-to-day architectural practice, including material for Regulatory Notices and Practice Tips, as well as practice matters. First-hand experience in a broad range of architectural practice activities provides the appropriate background for the work of the Committee.
The PC has two vacancies.  Architects interested in a three-year term on the PC beginning in January, 2018, are invited to fill out an Indication of Interest form and submit it, along with an updated CV to Gaynor Kim-Sing, Administrative Assistant, in Practice Advisory Services at
Registration Committee
The Registration Committee requires two new members whose term would begin January 2018.  
Committee members serve for three year terms and may sit for a maximum of three terms.
About the Committee
The Registration Committee is the statutory committee under the Architects Act responsible for holding a hearing and making a determination where:
(1)the Registrar serves notice to a party that their application for licence or certificate of practice is being refused or that their licence or certificate of practice is being revoked; and
(2) The applicant or member requests a hearing before the Registration Committee.
The Committee hears the matter and makes a determination as to the proposal by the Registrar.
The Committee meets as needed and does not hold regular meetings however there is training by outside legal counsel occurs to ensure Committee members are well informed about the process.
Those architects interested in pursuing membership on the Registration Committee should e-mail an Indication of Interest to Mrs. Gail Hanselman in the Office of the Registrar at

SCOBCAR (Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulations)
The Sub-Committee was established under the OAA Practice Committee to re-establish and maintain the architectural profession’s leadership role in the development of building codes and regulations in order to ensure that the public interest and safety is paramount and that the architectural profession continues to be solely responsible for its own self-regulation.
The Sub-Committee typically meets at OAA Headquarters usually from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, when National and Provincial Code reviews take place.  There are generally one or two meetings a year. The majority of the work is performed at the meetings, with email correspondence occurring throughout the year as necessary.
The Sub-Committee has three vacancies.  Architects interested in a three-year term on SCOBCAR beginning January, 2018 are invited to fill out an Indication of Interest form and submit it, along with an updated CV to Gaynor Kim-Sing, Administrative Assistant, in Practice Advisory Services at

Sustainable Built Environment Committee (SBEC)
The OAA’s Sustainable Built Environment Committee (SBEC) is established to serve in an advisory role to the Council of the OAA regarding matters of sustainable design and environmental issues as they relate to the design industry and building industry.  The Committee defines, analyses, reviews and assesses areas which the OAA can focus on in order to demonstrate leadership from the architectural profession on this area of practice which is of paramount importance.  
The Committee liaises with other professions and organizations with common interests and goals in promoting Sustainable Built Environments and adopting the 2030 Challenge.
The Committee meets approximately 8 times per year at the OAA with a summer hiatus. If interested, please forward your cv and expression of interest form (link here) to Sara Trotta, Policy Analyst at

The Interns Committee
The Interns Committee is seeking five (5) Architects and two (2) Intern Architects to serve for a three (3) year term beginning January 2018; and two (2) Student Associates enrolled in the graduate program of a school of architecture in Ontario to serve a one (1) year term beginning January 2018.  
Individuals whose status changes from Student Associate to Intern Architect or from Intern Architect to Architect, during their appointed term, may remain on the Committee for their full term.  
About the Committee
The Interns Committee has the ongoing task of keeping the OAA Council apprised of issues that are important to Intern Architects and Student Associates.  
The Committee meets every two months for approximately 3 hours.  Sub-committees meet independently and report back at the regular meeting.
During the last year, the Interns Committee has:
  • Worked with Council to support an online CERB initiative (development in progress);
  • Updated the Interns Portal on the OAA website;
  • Been developing Intern Tips and Mentor Tips (work in progress);
  • Established a Survey sub-committee to provide information and feedback to the Committee; and
  • Been planning the MOVE Event (Hard Hat Party) at the OAA headquarters.
There are 20 members of the committee including:
  • 1 Member of Executive Committee of Council (Chair)
  • 2 additional members of Council, one of whom must be the Intern Representative on Council
  • 5 Members-at-Large (Architects)
  • 5 Intern Architects 
  • 2 Student Associates
  • 4 representatives from the Ontario Schools of Architecture; and
  • The Intern Liaison from the Communications Committee.
As a member of the Interns Committee, you will be involved in identifying issues to Council and recommending improvements to the path from student to Architect.   
Indication of Interest
Architects, Intern Architects and Student Associates interested in volunteering on the Interns Committee are invited to fill out and submit an Indication of Interest form, along with an updated CV to Leanne Mohammed, in the Office of the Registrar at