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2015 Profiles Directory

Practices should have received an e-mail the week of August 4 from OAA/Naylor Publications Inc. to advise practices of their current contact information on file with the OAA, and the marketing opportunities available. If you have updates to be made to your contact information, send your request by e-mail to the OAA, Office of the Registrar by August 29, 2014.

Be sure to take advantage of the marketing opportunities!

All practices are entitled to 8 free lines (maximum 30 words) in the hard copy publication to describe their services and expertise. There is also the option of getting an enhanced listing where you can include a logo or additional text for a fee, or you may wish to consider purchasing an advertising space in the front end of the book to visually highlight your practice. Additional options are a great way to make your listing stand out! If interested in any of these advertising opportunities, contact Naylor Publications Inc. through the link supplied on your e-mail.

Would you like to publish an article in this year’s OAA Profiles Directory?
Building on the OAA’s third year of its public awareness campaign, in conjunction with Council’s priority to take the campaign to the ‘next level’ (with the Brand Architect Initiative), the theme of the 2014 Profiles Directory will address the concept and examples of ‘Value’.

The Value of Architects and Architecture will  illustrate how architects and architecture positively impact our world and how they contribute to the goals and objectives of society, clients, and users. The objective will be to give the reader a better understanding of the immense range of capability, influence and impact of architecture and architects.

Some topics which may reflect the theme “Architects as agents of change” are:

•Healthy/Healing environments: Architects as healer
•Safe communities: Architects as freedom/security provider
•Public spaces: Architects as community builders
•Renewal: Architects as transformers
•Architecture 2030: Architects as maker of positive change: a report on achieving the goals, positively impacting the environment: side story – the OAA 2030 Professional series
•Learning environments: Architects as knowledge providers
•Architecture as muse: Architects as inspiration
•Image building: Architects as identity-builder
•Protecting our heritage: Architects as reflector of our past
•Flexibility/longevity of buildings: Architects as evolutionary
•Community process: Architects as social enabler

Articles can be 600 – 1,200 words in length and images and/or graphics should accompany YOUR submission. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send an e-mail to Administrator, Website and Communications, Tamara King with the subject line: 'Profiles Directory submission' expressing your indication of interest by September 5, 2014.  Please include the heading, a brief description of the article and approximate word count. The deadline for the final submission is September 12, 2014.