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100th OAA Licence Issued to OAAAS Member

OAAAS is delighted to announce that Tom Tsaktsiris is the 100th person in Ontario to become a Licensed Technologist OAA.


Tom is a principal at Toronto’s Page + Steele Architects (IBI Group), one of the oldest architectural practices in the province.  The 100th OAA licence is an important milestone for OAAAS.
“As a firm, you need a diversity of skills and knowledge to stay competitive, and my credential as a Licensed Technologist OAA is an important part of our mix,” says Tom.  Responsible for a team of five people, he is currently looking after six high profile buildings in Toronto.   “They are different building types and each is at a different stage of development, from permit to tender to construction.  I’m passionate about what I do, it’s not just a job.”
Since graduating with a diploma in Architectural Technology from George Brown College, Tom has worked to upgrade his credentials.  He has a degree from Ryerson University in Architectural Science and received his LEED designation in 2009.  “When I was looking for the next step in my career development, I realized that OAAAS would be a great fit because of its connection to the OAA.”     
OAAAS is the technology program of the OAA.  Through the OAAAS process, suitably qualified technologists can apply for an OAA licence (with limitations, terms and conditions).  
“The process of accumulating my 7200 hours of work experience hours was positive, since it required that I be exposed to every aspect of the architectural process.”  Tom reports that Page + Steele/IBI Group supported him throughout the journey.  “They made sure I could get the full range of required work experience and they even paid my fees, so I’m grateful.” 
“Attending the Admission Course alongside the intern architects was also a valuable learning experience, and there was a real camaraderie and sense of pride among those of us working to become Licensed Technologists OAA,” says Tom.
Tom is not quite sure where his career will go next.  “Right now, I’m really happy at Page + Steele/IBI Group, since I get to work with great people on really exciting and challenging projects.  But, I see my wife prospering in her own law practice and I wonder if a private architectural practice might be somewhere down the road.”  Tom continued, “One of the great things about being a Licensed Technologist OAA is that I have that career option open to me if I decide eventually to make such a move.”
Tom also offers advice for OAAAS.  “We need to find new ways to promote the Licensed Technologist OAA to the province’s architects.”  He added, “Technologists have significant skills and knowledge that they can bring to architectural practices.  We often deserve the credit for making the project work in the real world.”    
Garry Neil, Executive Director | Registrar