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OAA Releases its Election Issues Position Paper

The OAA, for the first time, has compiled a list of election considerations for parties to consider in the 41st government. The publication Election Issues Position Paper reinforces the OAA as the voice of the architectural profession in the Province of Ontario.

“With the Ontario Provincial election coming up soon” says OAA President, Bill Birdsell. “We want to ensure a number of important issues remain on the minds of those who will be elected.”

The Plan focuses on nine specific topics:

Design Excellence
Ending ‘Lowest bid’ Procurement
Protecting Public Safety
Reducing Costly Delays from the Site Plan Approval Process
Ending Large Scale Bundling
Transparency in P3s
Updating the Construction Lien Act
Keep the OMB
Leadership in Heritage Conservation

“Engagement is an important component in bringing about effective change,” says Birdsell. ”We are encouraging our members and the public to become familiar with the issues we have prioritized in order to together create a stronger, safer and more effective building industry.”

The paper has been released to the media.

To view the paper, click here or visit the Documents section of  the OAA Website.