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Accessibility in Real Life

OAA Members Receive discounted price with promo code: FLASHSALE

23 October 2019


OAA members receive an almost 50% discount to the #a11yIRL: Accessibility in Real Life event by using the promo code: FLASHSALE.  The course is also eligible for Structured ConEd learning hours.

About #a11yTO

#a11yTO is a volunteer-led organization which has been creating, supporting, and expanding the accessibility community in Toronto for about ten years. From professional skills development to meeting people new to accessibility, we keep the community connected year-round through our meetups, Camp, and Conference.

Our team

We don't just talk about accessibility, we live and work in it.  More than half of our organizers have disabilities and we follow through on our values in how we run events. 

What’s “a11y”?

It’s a numeronym born on the web: the number 11 replaces the eleven letters between the A and the Y in “accessibility”.  Our organization name, a11yTO, means Accessibility Toronto.  It’s our name as well as the hashtag we use online to tag our events. Used online, the acronym “IRL” stands for “in real life”, and it means in the offline world.

Our Events

Our roots are in monthly meetups and a one-day Camp for people interested in digital accessibility, mostly designers and developers.  Each year we reach more people, from a broader range of interests and specialties, and as we’ve grown so has the scope of our discussions on accessibility. We launched our first two-day professional #a11yTO Conference in 2016.  With that successfully in its third year, to reflect our growth and meet the wants of our community, we are expanding out of the digital world to bring two new events:  #a11yIRL: Accessibility in Real Life, and #a11yTOGaming, a full day on inclusive video (and other) games. We also have student tickets!

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