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Urbanizing Suburbia Walk Shop: From Vision to Implementation

10 September 2019


Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | 12:30pm - 5:30pm


Fanzorelli 50 Queen St W, Brampton

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Urban Land Institute


City of Brampton, Ryerson University, Nordic City Solutions

Description / Benefits

Brampton is a young, diverse and dynamic city on the cusp of a remarkable shift to a more sustainable future as it experiences unprecedented growth. Join us on a series of walk shops as we visit the pivotal moment in the transformation on the City of Brampton, as the City shift from 2040 Vision into implementation. We will explore how integrated transit-oriented developments, tech and health sectors, arts and culture, public realm and destinations impact the lives of citizens and provide a robust platform that enable urban living to face the challenges of the future. The intent of the walk shop series is to give participants a first-hand experience of the transformation in situ in four key locations. Lunch will be provided at the front end of the walk shop series.


Bilal Farouq, Canada Research Chair, Ryerson University

Al Meneses, Commisioner of Community Services, City of Brampton

Alex Taranu, Senior Advisor of Public Works and Engineering, City of Brampton

Bob Bjerke, Director of Policy Planning, City of Brampton

Bryce Miranda, Partner, DTHA

Cherise Burda, Executive Director, Ryerson CBI

Daniel Haufschild, Principal, ARUP

Devin Ramphal, Sector Manager of Innovation and Technology, City of Brampton

Jayne Holmes, Director of Captial Works, City of Brampton

John MacRitchie, Assistant VP, ZOne Learning & Strategic Initiatives, Ryerson University

Ken Greenberg, Principal, Greenberg Consultants

Laura Lukasik, Manager of Tourism and Special Events, City of Brampton 

Michael Vickers, Co-Director, Akin

Oliver Paul, Co-Director, Akin

Paul Aldunate, Expeditor of Economic Development, City of Brampton

Quentin Hanchard, Associate Director of Development, TRCA

Richard Blundell, Managing Director, MaRS Discovery District

Richard Forward, Commissioner of Planning and Development, City of Brampton

Suzy Godefroy, Executive Director, Downtown Brampton BIA

Victoria Mountain, Manager of Culture, City of Brampton

Yvonne Yeung, Manager of Urban Design, City of Brampton

Zhixi  Zhuang, Graduate Program Director (Interim), Ryerson University


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Lunch at Fanzorelli's

·  welcome / Registration

·  objectives 

·  rundown for the day 

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Potential for Integrated Transit-oriented Development


·  micro-integration: opportunities in and around stations

·  macro-integration: first mile last mile solutions

·  tech-base transition: fill the gap between current conditions and future challenges 

This Walk Shop will examine the opportunities around Brampton GO & Downtown Mobility Hub. Speakers will discuss First Mile/Last Mile solutions as well as tech-based transitions – how to fill the gap between current conditions and future challenges. The tour will conclude with a presentation at the Old Shoe Factory. 

Presentation venue: Old Shoe Factory

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Building a Tech-friendly Ecosystem


·  global network, local connections: co-innovation enabled by co-work spaces

·  building talent: what technology, health, knowledge based industries are looking for

·  boosting employment: companies go to where talents are, sustaining talent pools with city-building ecosystem 

This Walk Shop will examine opportunities around the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre & City-Building Exhibition. It will explore the opportunities enabled by co-working spaces and examine how technology, health and knowledge-based industries can better attract and retain talent through an improved tech-friendly ecosystem. The tour will conclude with a presentation at the Conservatory. 

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Opportunities for a Meanwhile Strategy


·  enable destinations: sustain engagement through festivals and events

·  create places: nurturing arts and culture, how local businesses adapt and drive culture

·  setting for transformation: character as assets, film sets as branding, micro-spaces as neighbourhood magnets 

This Walk Shop will explore the area surrounding the Rose Theatre and the opportunities for pedestrian-oriented spaces. Speakers will discuss ways to sustain engagement through festivals and events and nurture arts and culture through placemaking. The tour will conclude with a presentation at the Rose Theatre Atrium.

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm: Transforming Public Realm


·  unlock urban precinct through public realm transformation 

·  unlock community assets through flood risk mitigation

·  unlock city identity through bringing back Etobicoke Creek to urban core

This Walk Shop will delve into the potential of Brampton's Riverwalk project. Speakers will examine the ways in which the Riverwalk can help to revitalize Brampton’s downtown and make it healthy, sustainable and resilient by engineering an innovative long-term solution to the flood risk. The tour will conclude with a presentation at the Brampton YMCA.


Yvonne Yeung