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BEAT Talk with Pina Petricone

25 June 2018

Building Equality in Architecture Toronto (BEAT) presents Pina Petricone, B.Arch, M.Arch.II, OAA MRAIC

Pina Petricone shares her time as Principal of Giannone Petricone Associates and as a Professor of Architecture at the University of Toronto. This dual role is a defining feature of the practice, enabling Pina to contribute intellectual rigor and research to the firm’s projects and processes, as well as to give real projects academic consideration. 

Time: Monday, June 25, 2018  6:15 PM  – 8:30 PM 

Location: Giannone Petricone Associates, 462 Wellington St. West, Toronto, ON

BEAT Talks qualify for one OAA Learning Hour.

Limited space. Ticket sales begin June 18, 2018 at noon.