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Call for Submissions: Pulp Paper Art Party

26 March 2015

Important Dates

Registration Closes: 23 April 2015
Submission Deadline: 23 April 2015
Winner Announcement: TBD
Award Ceremony: 23 May 2015


PULP: paper art party is an integration between a live music show and an art exhibit made out of reclaimed materials. It’s a paper playground!

Venue: Jam Factory Co. 

Event date: May 23

Submission deadline: April 23 (extensions may be given, please contact us)

Installation removal date: TBA

We are looking for exciting designs for art installations, furniture, and outfits made of reclaimed materials. Interaction and activities for party guests are highly encouraged. Go nuts, we like crazy (so long as you can pull it off and it’s safe). Don’t hesitate to email us questions.

Also email us for video art submissions, we will have a big screen, made from the backs of used paper, at the event.

All submissions we find interesting will be invited to be constructed at the party. All participating artists (including video) will receive free admission.


Anyone can submit a design.
Feel free to submit more than one design.

Designers must provide a short text description and any conceptual drawings and models (photos, sketches, or 3D images) conveying the intention and plausibility of their designs. Type and number of images are up to the design teams. Please provide JPGs or PDFs. 

It’s better to submit a rough draft now with the understanding that it’ill be refined, rather than to be too late.

We will only have the day of the event to set up — Designs must take this into account and be constructed quickly, or created in studio and assembled on site.

We encourage designers to think out of the box and create unique temporary spaces. Installations should serve a programmatic purpose during the event – conversation, debate, creation, drinking, or play. We encourage designers to explore these programs in their own terms and encourage the design of seats and tables that would be functional for party guests.

Designs will be selected on the basis of their ability to create environment related discussion (interpret that however you want, but make note of it in your submission), function, grandeur (this is a party after all), or its potential for further development as a waste-reduction technique.

Think in four dimensions, please! Like this guy!


A generic used material that is available upon request is (printed) 11/17″ and 24/36″ sheets. We appreciate artists who come up with reclaimed materials by themselves. Clean the streets, make it into art!

Our venue will not allow us to use any staples, nails, push pins, etc. in walls and ceilings.

Limited use of nails or push pins are allowed on venue columns, with permission. Please contact us and join our site visits for further information.

If your design is not free standing, please provide methods of attaching your design to the space in a way that’s easy to detach and clean. Consider the use of strings and only use painter’s tape. Please indicate this method in your submission.

Keep in mind that glues and resins may damage a material’s ability to be recycled. There is no point in doing an art show that promotes sustainability if we’re rendering recyclable material into trash. Find innovative ways to attach pieces of material or explore glues that do not damage the material. Let us know what you found out so we spread the knowledge around! 

All submissions and further inquiries should be directed