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2015 Global Schindler Award

14 August 2014

Important Dates

Registration Closes: 30 November 2014
Submission Deadline: 31 January 2015
Winner Announcement: 30 April 2015
Award Ceremony: 30 April 2015


The Global Schindler Award

Mobility is a catalyst and a conduit for globalization and urbanization. Mobility systems move people, goods and ideas over road and rail, sea and air – and through neighborhoods, regions and the world. The new Global Schindler Award student competition asks for outstanding concepts for new urban forms related to mobility, in response to global urban change.

What / When / Where
The students of today will be responsible for shaping the cities of tomorrow. The Global Schindler Award competition will enable students to participate in the vital consideration of livable and sustainable urban environments - in all their complexity. Mobility networks provide access to basic human needs, such as housing, health and welfare: accessibility must be improved. The inaugural competition will take place in 2014-2015 for a site in Shenzhen, China. More details to follow soon.
Who / How
The competition is open worldwide to students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning. The juried competition will ask for detailed design proposals about mobility. Participation in the competition gives students a platform for knowledge sharing, comparison and recognition. Through the use of the open competition format, common in design practice, students have the opportunity to gain practical professional skills and contact with internationally renowned practitioners and experts.

The majority of people now live in urban areas, influenced by global forces in a world of deepening complexity. The trends of urban population growth and increasing global interconnectivity will continue. Interdisciplinary responses and adaptable approaches are urgently required for the cities of the future. Three key concepts are part of the Global Schindler Award Competition: Shared Global Responsibility; Future Cities as a Resource and Urban Through Mobility.

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