Government Relations

The OAA actively monitors government activities at municipal, provincial, and federal levels, responding as needed through formal letters and other channels. Continually updated, this searchable portal houses these official correspondences, as well as related reports.

Level of Government / Organization

Cancea's final report on the housing affordability study commissioned by the OAA and other funders. The report takes a systems approach to understanding housing affordability crisis.

Understanding the forces driving the shelter availability issue



PDF: cancea_report_on_housing_affordability.pdf

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

OAA President Toon Dreessen issues an open letter supporting the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) position on paid internships, underscoring the value of intern architects.


PDF: 2015_01_23_-_toon_letter_to_members_re_paid_internships.pdf

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31