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MRA Between Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Canada, Australia and New Zealand signed a mutual
recognition arrangement (MRA) that allows for fast-track cross-border
registrations of senior architects between the three economies

The MRA has come about as a result of Canada’s, Australia’s
and New Zealand’s participation in the APEC Architect Project.
All three economies maintain an APEC Architect Register of senior
architects who have met a number of criteria including having at least
seven years’ senior experience.

As a result of the MRA signed, an APEC Architect in Australia or
New Zealand is entitled to registration in Canada as of right, apart
from being assessed about any aspects of the architectural process in Canada that is specific to Canada. The same applies for a Canadian
APEC Architect applying for registration in Australia or New Zealand.

Please see the attached CALA Bulletin for more information. Further details on the application process will be posted when available.