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Government Releases New Climate Change Plan

OAA Encourages Members to Provide Comments
18 Dec 2018
The Provincial Government released its new Environment and Climate Change Plan and seeks feedback and comments until January 28, 2019.

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January 23, 2019 11:12 by Alexander A. Speigel
A real commitment to the environment would include:

1. Putting a price on carbon. Carbon taxes will incentivize all sectors of the economy to move to a lower carbon future. The present government has adamantly refused to consider this.

2. Maintaining the Greenbelt to avoid continuing sprawl. Notwithstanding the lip service this document pays to the Greenbelt, Bill 66 will provide a loop hole which will allow municipalities to override Greenbelt protection in their jurisdictions.

3. Funding transit in consultation with local government. The plan to upload the TTC to the province will result in "top-down" planning decisions that will not necessarily be responsive to local needs.

Sadly this document fails on all these important issues.

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January 05, 2019 12:39 by E. Jane Wilson
For a developed country, Canada has a large amount of new building. we should take advantage of that. With this in mind, I was disappointed to see so little on strengthening the building code to reduce energy usage and provide resiliency. We could make a real difference if new housing, particularly that which is done on a large scale by developers, were to be built to a high standard.

Glad to see that reducing the negative of storm water was mentioned.

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