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Bart Szoke Architect



The firm of Bart Szoke Architect was established in 1996 and provides architectural and interior design services on projects ranging from interior renovations to new residences and commercial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Our work focuses on the specifics of the relationship of building to site, the enhancement of user experience, and the presence of structure and material in the experience of the building. Architectural solutions are developed that employ an economy of means to achieve the greatest spatial richness within straight forward construction and form. Our design work is bolstered by extensive construction experience gained over twenty years as a construction contractor, and is informed by the practical aspects of sustainable design, a practice we began in the late 70's.

Our approach to working with clients is to quickly learn and assess their essential  requirements and provide upfront project budget and zoning information critical to making decisions for next steps. If the project is deemed viable and a client/architect fit is achieved we move into design and work very comfortably with a team. We have extensive experience with approvals and a very good record of timely processing of building permits.

Bart Szoke Architect brings 34 years of design experience and 20 years of intensive, on-the-ground construction contracting experience to our work on your project, a unique combination that gives you very creative design and sound construction advice. This combination allows us to take clients through an enjoyable design and approvals phase, to propose construction that is effective and efficient, and to respond quickly and assuredly to questions through the construction phase. We have extensive construction estimating experience giving us the ability to align your project scope to your budget, avoiding the unpleasant surprise of design that proves too expensive to build.

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Interior Architecture
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Project Management
Sustainable Design
Universal Design