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SABMag Green Building Awards: Evolv1

30 Jul 2019
Image Credit: SABMAG
Architectural Credit: Stantec

Earlier this year, [SABMag] announced the winners of its 12th Annual Canadian Green Building Awards. The 2019 program’s theme involved developing procedures regarding life cycle deliberations. While the full list of winners is available here, one project particularly worthy of a closer look is Evolv1, which won in the “Commercial/Industrial [Large] Award” category. It manifests itself in the construction of a commercial building to inspire the development of the reformative structure. Located on the University of Waterloo campus, Stantec Architecture Ltd.’s design for a commercial office building targets net positive energy and net zero carbon. It supports the best precedents of a sustainable and commercial case study that works within a dynamic environment to produce sustainable energy. For instance, Evolv1 produces 105 per cent of its energy requirements, and meets the needs of the client, Cora Group, such as the net-zero carbon footprint in its design, including a ground source open geothermal system. Certified by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) as the country’s first Zero Carbon Building, Evolv1 is linking commercial architecture to sustainable design in a cutting edge manner. For more, click here.

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