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Mentorship Profile: Tegan Maccari on Andrea Spencer

26 Nov 2018
Image Credit: Tegan Maccari (left), Andrea Spencer (right)
Architectural Credit: n/a
This post is part of our fall 2018 blOAAg series, Amazing Mentorship Stories.

Mentorship Profile: Tegan Maccari on Andrea Spencer 

How would you describe your mentor?

Andrea is extremely hardworking and a great, inspiring role model. As a young woman in the industry, Andrea has shown me that achieving a work-life balance is attainable with dedication and planning. 

How did you find your mentor?

Andrea was suggested to me by a co-worker who thought that our personalities and goals would work well together. We share similar ambitions and it has been very useful to have a mentor who has successfully gone down a path that I hope to venture down in the near future.

Is a mentor more important at certain times in your career?

A mentor, in my opinion, is always valuable no matter what point you are in your career. In this profession, we are continuously learning and having a mentor to answer your questions is a great benefit.

Even though I had gone through several workplace co-ops during my undergrad, it was helpful to have a mentor at the very start of my career
the start of the IAP processto help navigate the transition from school to full-time work. I’ve found that having a mentor at times of change, particularly when your role in the office is shifting and you gain more responsibilities, is probably the most important time to have someone you can rely on for guidance, and insights from their own experience.

What makes a great mentor?

A great mentor is someone who can help guide you through situations pertaining to both work and life in general. It has been beneficial to have a mentor whose life’s goals and ambitions are close to my own. While one of my top ambitions has been to excel in this profession, it is also important for me to be a well-rounded person with a fulfilling life outside of the office. Andrea has been a great inspiration and guide, showing me that you can fulfil yourself both professionally and personally without sacrificing one for the other.

Andrea Spencer, OAA, is an Architect with over 10 years of experience across a variety of sectors. She works full time as Operations Manager at Ware Malcomb and takes commissions under her own small practice, while raising a young family.

Tegan Maccari is in her second year of the IAP process, about to complete and submit her final batch of hours. She works at Kohn Partnership Architects, focusing on residential projects from the early stages of feasibility to the late stages of contract admin. Recently married, she likes to spend her off hours relaxing with her husband and dog, baking, and exploring new restaurants in the city.

Architects interested in becoming mentors, can submit their names and contact information to To find a mentor, watch for networking events, visit the Discover an Architect page on the OAA website and search for architects by city, or email


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