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Mentorship Profile: Paul Dowsett on Carson Woods

20 Nov 2018
Image Credit: Carson Woods (left), Paul Dowsett (right)
Architectural Credit: n/a
This post is part of our fall 2018 blOAAg series, Amazing Mentorship Stories.  

Mentorship Profile: Paul Dowsett on Carson Woods
Following the previous profile of Paul Dowsett as a mentor, Paul answers questions about his lifelong mentor, Carson Woods.  

How did you find your mentor?

I have known Carson since 1985, when he became my employer through the University of Waterloo Co-op Program. Since then, Carson has been a constant mentor and a friend.

Describe your mentor.

Chief among Carson’s strengths is his infectious joy of the architectural profession. He brings a unique combination of humour, grace and gravity to every situation, architectural or otherwise. Carson is an excellent ambassador for our proud profession. His mentorship is but one of his outstanding characteristics.

What makes a great mentor?

Carson’s skills as a mentor are marked by his patience, leadership and teamwork, to not only solve the problem at hand, but to also assist other allied professionals who may be involved. He constantly shows a great deal of respect to us lesser mortals and to his peers, never belittling anyone, or making anyone uncomfortable.

In what ways has your mentor helped you?

It is because of Carson’s mentorship that I have been able to successfully start and maintain my own architectural practice, five years young now, with 10 young and talented staff who I am proud to mentor in the ways taught to me by Carson. Because of this, we are the winners of multiple international competitions, awards and accolades, and our work is published in architectural and allied professional journals and in mainstream media, both at home and around the world.

Paul Dowsett, OAA, is a Principal Architect at Sustainable.To, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a CanPHI Passive House Planner.

With 40 years of experience, and numerous design awards, W. Carson Woods, OAA, MCIP, RPP has practiced architecture on three continents. Since 1970 he has been an expert witness in Municipal Board Hearings, and an external critic for the University of Toronto planning school.


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