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Meet an OAA Volunteer: Jennifer King

16 Sep 2019
Image Credit: Jennifer King
Architectural Credit: NA
OAA members who volunteer on Committees are vital to the Association’s work, with a diversity of voices, opinions, skills and knowledge critical to its decision-making process.
Right now, there are vacancies opening up for three-year terms in 11 OAA groups, ranging from the Regulatory, Interns and Communications Committees to the Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC) and Policy Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT). If you’ve ever considered sharing your skills, perspective and experience to serve the profession and the public interest, now is the time! (To find out more about how to put your name forward by October 18, click here.)
To help demystify what OAA Committees do and what work is involved, we’ll be sharing the stories of OAA volunteers on the blOAAg over the month of September. Today, we’re talking with Jennifer King of the Communications Committee.
1. Who are you?
My name is Jennifer King, and I am a Licensed Technologist OAA and Interior Designer ARIDO. I am a partner at Approach Design Inc., located in Thunder Bay. 
2. Why did you decide to join the Communications Committee?
I was attracted to joining the Communications Committee because I wanted to add my voice to what is happening in the industry and felt I had something unique that would be useful to the conversations going on.
3. What kind of things do you do as a member?
As a member of Communications, we attend meetings (through either teleconferences or in person at the OAA headquarters) and provide some feedback through emails. We give feedback on memos/issues, make decisions on Special Project Funding for Local Architectural Societies and allocations for Public Awareness Sponsorship funds. We make recommendations on things going on at the OAA, like special events and conference. 
4. What are the meetings like?
Meetings are held at the OAA Headquarters and are approximately four hours with a meal break. When reviewing Special Project Funding and Sponsorship, the meetings are a bit longer and slightly more involved. You spend some time on your own reading over the meeting information and sometimes providing feedback afterward if required. 
5. Why should someone join the group?
Communications is an interesting committee due to the nature of what we do. We see a lot of what is going on with the other parts of the OAA, and sometimes have the opportunity to see things while they are in development or before many of the members or the public. If you have never been involved in an organization before, I think Communications can be a good place to start.

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