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Laneway Housing Initiative by inhabitTO inspired by Montreal

15 Dec 2016
Image Credit: Illustration: Jeff Kulak
Architectural Credit: Lia Maston in association with Architecture Microclimat
inhabitTO, a downtown sustainable architecture firm headed by Lia Maston, has expanded their efforts to include design for laneway structures. This is not a new endeavor for the firm. Lia Maston started designing laneway houses in Montreal with her firm Microclimat. Microclimat was at the forefront of laneway design and won the Mayor’s Foundation Award for their innovation in laneway development. Lia moved back to her native Toronto in 2014 to open inhabitTO. inhabitTO offers a style of laneway home uniquely influenced by the contemporary lines of design in Quebec and the multiple unit co-habitation on residential properties in Montreal. Laneway houses offer homeowners a chance to find new freedom by developing a small-scale independent housing situation on their property. With a laneway house homeowners may obtain a new rental income stream, or a place to live for elderly parents or adult children. They may even choose to move into the modern laneway house themselves. Laneway houses are presently approved on a case by case basis but zoning amendments may be made to officially allow laneway buildings in 2017.

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October 06, 2017 14:38 by Anonymous
InhabitTO is now Firma Architecture.

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