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Inclusivity and Diversity in Architectural Practice

26 Jun 2019
Image Credit: Jennifer King
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As a principal in a firm that works primarily on smaller projects, I’ve come to recognize the importance of developing a strong team with a wide range of professional, educational, and personal experiences. None of us can do it all on our own. Respecting the abilities and varying perspectives of all that are part of a project team is not only vital for the success of a project, but quite often the source of the best ideas.

In order to be successful at design, I must not only apply my creative talents to a building solution, but I must consciously listen to the ideas and thoughts of all involved and consider their ideas and experiences.

This listening can only happen when we keep an open heart and mind to others’ ideas and thoughts. As professionals, we are required by both regulation and market forces to continually advance our knowledge. But sometimes we need to keep in mind that developing open mindedness is also a learned skill that we can cultivate through practice. One step is recognizing our unconscious bias based on our education or professional designations. Many successful design projects are created through the combined efforts of architects, engineers, architectural technologists, engineering technologists, and interior designers, among others. Each brings a unique perspective to the design and should be celebrated for their diverse educational backgrounds.

I’m proud to be a member of the OAA, which has enthusiastically embraced members of the architectural technology community as professionals in the architecture profession. Future collaborations with technologists and interior designers will help promote the diversity of education in the design community as a whole and will lead to a better, more inclusive built environment.
Jeremiah Gammond is a Licensed Technologist OAA and Registered Interior Designer with ARIDO (pending). He is currently a Councillor of the OAA and is the first to be elected to the Lic.Tech.OAA electoral district. He volunteers on several committees including the Communications Committee, Sub-committee on Building Codes and Regulations, and the Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences. He co-owns Approach Design Inc. with Jennifer King, both of whom hold dual designations as architectural technologists and interior designers.

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