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Architectural Photography Tips: Vik Pahwa

08 Sep 2016
Image Credit: Harris Water Filtration Plant, Toronto, Vik Pahwa
Architectural Credit: Thomas Canfield Pomphrey, 1941
Just because summer is drawing to a close, doesn’t mean road trip season has come to an end. After taking a short summer break, Doors Open Ontario is back with 24 more communities opening the doors to some of their greatest architectural treasures - providing the perfect excuse to get your camera (or smartphone!) out and capture the beauty of the province’s architecture – both old and new!

To help you capture that perfect shot during your next Doors Open excursion we’ve brought back our blOAAg mini-series on architectural photography with more tip and tricks from some of Ontario’s best architectural photographers.

Today’s tips come from Toronto based photographer Vik Pahwa, the talent behind – an urban and architectural photography blog that has been documenting the city of Toronto and beyond since 2011. After a career in information technology, Vik discovered photography as a method to document his ongoing explorations of the GTA. Now a commercial photographer, his work combines an inquisitive and unique perspective with a strong emphasis on lines and geometry. Vik’s work includes shoots for the Ontario Media Development Corporation film locations library, Toronto-based architects and builders, Spacing and Azure magazines, as well as BlogTO and Urban Toronto..

From the Photographer: 

Try black and white. Architectural details can be emphasized by shooting in black and white when background colours are distracting. It can also be effective way to bring out the contrast between light and shadow.

Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters (1992), Toronto Architectural Credit: Ruth Cawker, Architect 
Use symmetry. Balancing an image horizontally or vertically can create a pleasing sense of balance and harmony especially when there is a central point of interest or vanishing point.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport pedestrian tunnel, Toronto ZAS Architects and Arup Canada
Be curious. Learn what you can about your subject before shooting. Being informed can inspire creativity in what you capture and how you capture it. 

Rotunda glass floor, Bridgepoint Health Administration Building / Historic Don Jail, Toronto Architectural Credit: Stantec Architecture / KPMB Architects, Planning, Design and Compliance Architects; HDR Architecture / Diamond Schmitt Architects, Design, Build, Finance and Maintain Architects.

About Doors Open Ontario 

Every year from April to October, as part of Doors Open Ontario, communities across the province celebrate their built heritage - both historic and contemporary - by opening the doors of some of Ontario’s greatest architectural treasures to the public – many of them for the first time ever. These unique community events are a great opportunity for residents and visitors alike to explore our province’s rich built heritage, and provide the perfect excuse to get your camera (or smartphone!) out and capture the beauty of Ontario’s architecture.

Heading out to a Doors Open event in a community near you? Share your pictures on Twitter and Instagram with us using the hashtag #OntarioArchitecture!

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September 11, 2016 15:21 by Anonymous
I enjoyed the contrast between the complete absence of people in the first three photos and then just their shadows in the final shot.

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