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ARCHIPELAGO: Collaborative Installation for UpHere 2016

03 Jan 2017
Image Credit: Mark Baechler
Architectural Credit: Northern Ontario Society of Architects

How do people interact with and inhabit a space? The buildings that we use every day and that make-up our cities suggest unique answers to this question. They invite us to move along defined paths, sit in certain ways and gather in particular places. A building can provide a seat by window that frames a view of a tree or a table for people to gather around. How people occupy architecture is a common question that architects reflect on and it is the theme that the Northern Ontario Society of Architects (NOSA) chose to explore in the installation titled Archipelago.

Photo Credit: Braeden Martel 

Archipelago is a collection of three-dimensional parallelograms (or parallelepiped). The fifty three units are constructed of plywood in four different modular sizes and wrapped in artificial turf. Individual modules are arranged in clusters that create unique topographies for visitors to explore. These clusters are designed in a series that form an architectural archipelago.

Photo Credit: Mark Baechler 

The installation invites visitors to use and enjoy the space in conventional and unconventional ways. It is an experiment that will unfold throughout the festival as visitors sit, walk, lay, kneel, dance, climb, eat, drink, sleep, kiss, contemplate, listen, talk and interact with the installation in creative ways.

Photo Credit: Mark Baechler 

Archipelago is a design and construction collaboration between members of NOSA and carpenters at Vision Build Carpentry & Contracting. The project was installed in August 2016 for UpHere, an annual urban art and music festival held in downtown Sudbury, ON. Project collaborators include: Amber Baechler, Mark Baechler, Dan Guillemette, Harrison Lane, Braeden Martel, Amber Salach, Matthew Schultze and Andrea Vettoretti.

Photo Credit: Amber Baechler 

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