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Election Procedures

The election system for OAA Council members is a multi-step process that begins on the first Monday in October when nominations open and continues until the fourth Monday of November when the election closes. Below is a step by step guide to the process.

1. Nomination

October 1 - October 22, 2018
During the nomination period, potential candidates must be nominated by three members (excluding themselves) whose address of record is in the same electoral district. Candidates can only be nominated in one electoral district. 

Any eligible member can nominate a candidate who has an address of record in Ontario for the Province of Ontario electoral district.  

Nominations are done through the Nominations Forms which are delivered via e-mail on the first Monday of October (October 1, 2018). The forms must be completed and returned by the fourth Monday of October (October 22, 2018). To ensure you receive your Nominations Forms, we encourage you to visit our technical issues FAQ page prior to the nomination period. 
Only after the Registrar has verified that an individual has been nominated by three members within their electoral district will they become candidates for that seat in Council. Candidates will be asked to complete their online profiles which will be posted on the OAA Website.

2. Election

November 12 - November 26, 2018 
The election period runs for two weeks and uses electronic ballots. To ensure you receive your ballot, we encourage you to visit our technical issues FAQ page prior to the election. 
Electronic ballots will be e-mailed on the second Monday of November (November 12, 2018) and must be completed and returned by the fourth Monday of November (November 26, 2018).
A member may vote in the electoral district where they have an address of record; and all members may vote for a candidate in the Province of Ontario Electoral District.  

3. Results

November 27 - November 29, 2018 

Once the election period closes, two members of the Association are appointed by the Registrar to act as scrutineers.
Ballots are counted within three days of the election, after which the Registrar certifies and advises the membership of the election results.
In the rare case when two or more candidates get the same number of votes, the scrutineers determine the outcome by drawing lots.

When the number of candidates nominated in an electoral district equal the number of vacancies in that electoral district, they will be considered elected by acclamation.

4. Recount

20 days after the results are released

A candidate may request a recount within 20 days of the results being released to the membership. The recount request must be sent to the Registrar along with a $200 deposit.
The Registrar presides over the recount and decides if ballots are accepted or rejected. Candidates or their agents may be present for the recount and ties are settled by drawing lots.
The recount must be conducted within 30 days of receiving the request. Once the date is set, the Registrar must give 15 days written notice to all candidates in that electoral district. The candidate’s deposit is returned if the recount changes the result of the election.
If no recount has been requested, the ballots are destroyed 21 days after the results are released.