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Admission Course (OAAAS)


The OAA Admission Course (Course) is one of the requirements for licensure in Ontario as a Licensed Technologist OAA. 

The Course covers topics related to regulatory, legal and practice issues specific to Ontario and is designed to supplement the applicant’s formal professional education and practical experience. The Course and the OAAAS Experience Record Book are complementary. 

The Course will cover information required for the OAAAS examination. This examination will be scheduled by OAAAS shortly after the Course. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be registered as a Technologist OAAAS on or before November 9, 2011.
  • Have filed with the OAAAS by the Course Registration deadline, no less than 2800 hours of work experience.
  • Be a member in good standing of OAAAS.
  • Complete the Admission Course application form.
  • Submit the Admission Course registration fee and forward both to OAAAS.
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, Rommy Rodriguez at OAAAS will forward the application form to the OAA to confirm registration. 

Technologist OAAAS Responsibilities

  • Attendance at all Course lectures is mandatory.Your attendance will be verified by handing a ticket for the lectures for each morning or afternoon session to a ticket taker at the door. It is your responsibility to do so twice daily.  Failure to remain for the entire lecture will be deemed as non-attendance and will result in your having to repeat that lecture(s) in a subsequent year.
  • Participants are required to arrive on time and remain for the duration of each day’s program. Accordingly, please make appropriate travel arrangements. 

Content of the Admission Course

The Course lectures cover a range of subjects and focus on practice-related matters, as well as the legal and legislative context within which Technologists OAAAS practise in Ontario. 

It is assumed that most technical, creative and management subjects considered basic knowledge to architectural practice will have been adequately covered as part of the applicant’s certified academic requirements. 

Technologists OAAAS are encouraged to become familiar with information relating to the Course through observation or directly participating in practice situations within their work environment. 

Lecture Topics:

  • Regulation of the Architectural Profession
  • Legal Aspects and Contracts
  • The Ontario Building Code
  • Bid Theory and Practice
  • Planning and Development
  • Construction Lien Act
  • Contract Administration and General Review


Registration Deadline and Cancellation

Registration Deadline:

The Registration Deadline of January 31, 2012 will be strictly enforced.  All OAAAS applicants must return the completed application form to the OAAAS office by the deadline

Note: Although individual course lectures will be offered to architects as Continuing Education modules through the OAA Conference Registration Process, registration by Technologists OAAAS through that process will not be credited towards official Course completion. 

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a registration with a full refund is permitted up to February 29, 2012.  No refund of the registration fee will be given after that date. 

Course Study Material

Course study material and a list of recommended reading material will be provided to registrants approximately six weeks prior to the Course via Canada Express Post Courier.

Registrants are required to prepare for the Course by thoroughly reviewing Course and practice-related material following receipt of the documents.

Information and Application:

2012 Admission Course Notice 

Technologists OAAAS

The annual Admission Course lectures will be held in conjunction with the 2012 OAA Conference....…


2012 OAA Admission Course Application Form

Technologist OAAAS Applicants

To apply to attend the OAA 2012 Admission Course...…