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Online Admission Course

The Online Admission Course is administered by the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies and provides all the advantages of distance education. The online format offers all course modules and is available during winter, spring, summer and fall Semester every year.

2018 Information:

Location: Online
Status: Available
Semester Spring - 18
Schedule: 23 Apr 2018 - 24 Jun 2018
Delivery Method: Online
Instructors: Fan Zhang & Allen Humphries
Modules Offered: All

01AC     Why must I attend the Admission Course and what is the OAA?  
02AC     Construction Lien Act  
03AC     Legal Aspects: Professional Liability & Architects Contracts  
04AC     Planning and Development Approvals  
05AC     The Building Code Act and the Building Permit Application Process  
06AC     Ontario Building Code Compliance Data: Concepts and Code
07AC     Bid Theory & Bid Practice  
08AC     Contract Administration and General Review

Registration Fee: OAA Intern: $350 +HST

Note:Individual modules are not available for registration. All 8
               modules must be completed.

Course Code: 3435


Registration for the Spring Term is now closed.