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Admission Course

The OAA Admission Course is a mandatory requirement for licensure for all Interns in Ontario. The OAA Admission Course covers topics related to regulatory matters, legal issues and information specific to the practice of architecture in Ontario. Intern Architects must successfully complete all of the following Admission Course modules for licensure in Ontario.

01AC     Professional Responsibility, Ethics and Membership in a Self-
              Regulating Profession  
02AC     Construction Lien Act  
03AC     Legal Aspects: Professional Liability & Architects Contracts  
04AC     Planning and Development Approvals  
05AC     The Building Code Act and the Building Permit Application  
06AC     Ontario Building Code Compliance Data: Concepts and Code
07AC     Bid Theory & Bid Practice  
08AC     Contract Administration and General Review

The Admission Course is offered in three formats, designed to accommodate different needs:

  1. Online Admission Course
  2. Conference Admission Course Modules
  3. In-House Admission Course

Intern Architects can register for any of the OAA Admission Course modules offered via any format. You can take all lectures in one year or spread them out over a few years. It’s your choice!