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Limited Architectural Competitions

Ontario Association of Architects

Since the implementation of the Architects Act in 1984, there have been many enquiries from prospective sponsors and from members who have been approached by clients who are contemplating holding a limited competition for advice on the manner in which a limited competition should be organized. 


Refer to the RAIC Architectural Competitions information at by clicking here. For the purpose of the RAIC guidelines on "invited" competitions described therein, as a "limited" competition under the Ontario Architects Act and Regulation.

If a sponsor elects to hold an architectural competition under the format of a limited competition, then it must be carried out in accordance with these guidelines and the pertinent sections of Ontario Regulation 27 under the Architects Act, R.S.O. 1990 Chapter A.26, as amended, which state: 

"1(e) 'limited competition' means an architectural competition other than an open competition, in which an invitation to compete is extended to two or more holders." 

"42. For the purpose of the Act, 'professional misconduct' means, 

(50) Taking part in a limited competition for a building project in Ontario in which all holders are not equally remunerated." 


The OAA is prepared to provide sponsors of limited architectural competitions with advice and comments.