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2012 Keynote Luncheon Featuring Boris Brott

Thursday, May 10--Boris Brott presented an engaging and energetic comparison of music and architecture. He emphasized how the conductor and architect face similar responsibilities and roles. 

"You ...have the potential to define in clear terms the true function of the Architect to bring together all elements from conception to completion of a project. To define and then project the true value of the Architect at the center of all the skills – the Composer-conductor with knowledge of all skills and the vision to help put these essential elements together into not just a good but a great performance."

Through his examples and stories he illustrated the power of creating and then turned it over to the audience who joined in by playing tone bars to collectively create Beethoven's 9th symphony--twice! The maestro conducted the 'players' and set the tone for the Conference with his entertaining and inspiring start to "Architecture and Music".