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Central Conference: Toronto's Urban Issues

23 March 2019

Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM | Saturday, March 23

Location: The Redwood Theatre | 1300 Gerrard St E | Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7

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What Is Central?

Central is Toronto's Urban Issues conference series. It is an expert-led speaker series about improving Toronto's communities by examining systemic urban issues.

Central was created to educate residents through expert analysis of urban issues and create a better city for everyone. Educating people about the complex issues facing our city is the first step in making progress to solve them.

Cities are amazing organisms. They bring people together in the pursuit of jobs, education, community, and better lives for themselves and their families. The byproducts are amazing neighbourhoods, arts & culture, parks and infinite chance encounters.

Cities also have a unique set of challenges. In many ways, cities need to change - and fast. As more people move into cities, residents face trials as we attempt to adapt our historic environment and entrenched systems for a modern life.

That includes transit, housing, policing, politics and more. On many of these fronts, change is needed very quickly to prevent collapse. In others, urgency is required to deliver a fair system for everyone that recognizes historical facts and modern day realities.

Canada is transforming into an increasingly urban nation. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are now home to more than one-third of all Canadians. Inside the city, great inequality can exist: Toronto is home to the greatest rate of child poverty in all of Canada, for example.

Contact:  Ben Myers