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Questioning the Canon Conversation 6: Practice in Education

17 May 2018

The University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture is hosting a series of conversations focusing around the different areas of the Waterloo Architecture curriculum with one broad ambition: “Questioning the canon: In a world of unprecedented possibilities and unforeseen brutalities, what can architectural education do?

This particular conversation is the last of the series and will feature Allan Cain and Gloria Cabral. The conversation will consider the following sub-question: "In an era of increased specialization and an expanding body of distributed knowledge, how can architectural practice develop integrated approaches to the most pressing problems of our times?”

Gloria Cabral
Africa has some of  the  world’s  most  unequal  cities.  Informal settlements  in  African  cities,  and  the  struggles  that  are  fought  in  their  defense,  are  evidence  of  deep-rooted  exclusion.  They have inherited  colonial  segregated  planning  laws  that  are  socio-economically  exclusive,  resulting  in  cement  cities  and  slums.  In many African  former  colonial  countries,  a  struggle  for  a  right  to  the  city  formed  an  integral  part  of  the  fight  against  colonialism  and  apartheid.  In the decades  since  independence,  few  African  states  have  been  able  to  develop  and  implement  reforms  governing  urban  development  to  effectively  improve  these  characteristics  of  their  cities

Allan Cain
Allan  Cain  is  an  architect  and  specialist  in  urban  project  planning.  He  has  over  35  years  of  professional  experience  in  developing  countries  implementing  projects  for  community  water  supply,  school  building  &  planning,  environmental  sanitation,  land  rights  and  public  participation.  He  has  participated  in  a  number  of  missions  for  the  United  Nations,  European  Union  and  the  World  Bank.  He  is  a  founding  director  of  Development  Workshop,  an  Officer  of  the  Order  of  Canada  the  Canadian  Honorary  Consul  to  Angola  and  a  member  of  the  boards  of  several  international  development  institutions.  He  has  lectured  at  universities  in  Canada,  Angola,  Norway,  USA,  South  Africa  and  UK.  His  articles  and  papers  have  been  published  widely  in  international  journals.