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Smartgeometry 2018

07 May 2018 - 12 May 2018

Smartgeometry is a widely-acclaimed biennial workshop and conference that investigates how digital tools and computation can serve architecture and design.  This year’s theme investigates artificial intelligence, a new kind of intelligence that is emerging and becoming a part of our everyday lives. The new mind will be able to learn at fantastic rates, have unbounded creativity, alter and adapt its own behaviour or experience, and perhaps even live forever – raising questions about how we live and experience the world.  Whether humans are directly or indirectly collaborating with these computationally intelligent machines, they have the power to be an active partner or tool in design creativity, blurring the traditional relationship between a designer and their tools.

The Workshops on May 7-10 enable professional architects, engineers, academics, and students to engage in high-level training and research in a collaborative environment with world-leading experts in architectural computation, digital fabrication, and artificial intelligence.  In the workshops participants get to work alongside world-leading experts in computation in architecture.  At sg2018 this includes practitioners and academics from: Karamba3D, University of Vienna, UCL, Hassell, ICD Stuttgart, Autodesk, the Living NYC, SOM, UC Berkeley, Dialog, KieranTimberlake, CITA, Harvard, WeWork, and Michigan.

The Conference on May 11-12 will feature presentations by renowned designers and theorists on computational design and artificial intelligence.  At sg2018, human and computational intelligences will interact with each other and the physical world through robotics, vision, sensing, language, materials, and design. We will explore the impact of computational intelligence on the future of architectural design, and how “Machine Minds” will improve the world we live in.  As someone interested in building a community of computational designers, it is events such as this that are critical not only for learning about state-of-the-art technologies, but also for creating the social networks that enables the sharing of knowledge that benefits both practice and building.

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