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The City of Rome by Aidan Mitchelmore

27 Aug 2019
Image Credit: Aidan Mitchelmore, Castel Sant Angelo, Rome, Italy, Pen Paper, Fall 2013. Castel Sant Angelo highlights typical Roman architectural features: cornices, arches and Roman brick.
Architectural Credit: Aidan Mitchelmore
I’d like to share some of the sketches that I’ve done during the first semester of my fourth year of undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo, which took place in Rome, Italy. Below is one of the sketches that I did during that time.
In Rome, we were encouraged by our professors to sketch and draw what we saw when we visited important architectural sites. Although these sketches were completed as part of an elective course in Rome, they were critical in helping me understand Italian architecture and the organization of Italy’s historic cities. 

Aidan Mitchelmore, Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli, Italy Pen Paper, Fall 2013
Hadiran’s Villa is full of volumetrically complex ruins. Hadiran’s Villa is full of volumetrically complex ruins.

Aidan Mitchelmore, Complesso Archeologico delle Terme di Baia, Baia, Italy, Pen Paper, Fall 2013. Used as recreational spaces, this bathing complex in Baia cascades down the Amalfi hillside.

Aidan Mitchelmore, Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy, Pen Paper, Fall 2013
A gateway to the city, the Piazza del Popolo presents views down the Via del Corso.

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