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The Canadian Landscape by Douglas Lawrence

19 Aug 2019
Image Credit: Douglas Lawrence, Wolf Lake, Following the land, Watercolor.
Architectural Credit: Douglas Lawrence
"The sketches I am highlighting here are not related to specific architectural projects, but are more inspirational in nature, reflecting the juxtaposition of the natural world with manmade interventions and how they are so closely interrelated.

The monumental presence of the Peterborough lift locks and their relationship to the flow of water. A winter storm beating at the old homes of Thornbury. The steps of Wolf Lake and the streets of Cork, Ireland—both designed to relate to the organic shapes and movement of the landscapes they are built upon. And lastly, the perfect design of the canoe, incorporating natural materials in a lightweight structure that can move amazing loads but also lead to the most serene of moments.
I find it very important to break away from my professional life at some level and to look elsewhere for ideas. In the act of sketching, we are utterly focused on the act of observing, of looking at even the smallest details in a way that a simple photo can never achieve. I really enjoy the spontaneity of being able to take just an hour or two to grab my sketchbook, pen, and watercolors, and, wherever possible, to work Plein air, sometimes producing quick expressive sketches and sometimes more detailed and illustrative drawings. So many things come into play when you examine a scene: the composition, lighting, perspective and, perhaps most importantly, how to capture the character of that space. To me, it is an experience truly like no other."

Link to Instagram art site: @dsl_design_    

Douglas Lawrence, Peterborough Lift Locks, Pen on Paper.
Sometimes design is all about our relationship to the forces of nature. The monumental and sculptural quality of the lift locks is incredible to observe and draw. 

Douglas Lawrence, Wolf Lake, Following the land, Watercolor. 
This sketch illustrates the humblest of architectural designs. Building with natural materials and working with the slope, the rocks and the roots to build a path through the landscape.

Douglas Lawrence, Winter Storm, Thornbury Ontario, Pen on Paper.
This sketch is all about capturing the strength, beauty and sense of motion of the swirling snow in this storm. The fine linework style is based on old metal etchings.

Douglas Lawrence, Cork Ireland, Pen on Paper.
This sketch tries to capture the organic quality of this city. The way the streets and houses twist and climb, always following the dictates of the natural landscape they were built on.


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