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Sketch Everywhere

24 Aug 2018
Image Credit: Grant MacEachern
Architectural Credit: Grant MacEachern

Sketches and text by Grant MacEachern
Architect, OAA

This post is part of our summer 2018 blOAAg series, Summer Sketches: Capturing the Essence of Architectural Ideas.

Clients rarely understand our two-dimensional drawings. Drawing is typically our language, not theirs. I find generating these quick axonometric sketches (image above) with annotations to be invaluable when explaining a concept, the spatial qualities of a design, materials etc. When they see these sketches, then they “get it”.

Sketch in Mount Sinai Toronto ER, by Grant MacEachern.

Almost thirty years ago a great architect and also my thesis professor gave me advice. To this day I still hear his words in my head, “Never stop sketching. Sketch everywhere. Sketch the spaces you are in to keep in practice.” This image is from a few years ago. After breaking an ankle I spent many hours in the Mount Sinai Toronto Emergency Room. This is the view from my stretcher bay. The staff and patients changed over the duration but the view didn’t.


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