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Hullway: A Passage Through Time by Greg Mcleod

08 Aug 2019
Image Credit: Mcleod Greg, Hullway: A Passage Through Time, Pen and Marker, Toronto, Canada, NA
Architectural Credit: Greg McLeod
The following sketch details our design process and approach to the City of Winnipeg’s BENCHmark competition to a permanent bench installation along the Great Trail (TCT) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Through the sketch process, we were able to develop an idea, understanding and approach to the project. Focusing on the adjacent railway corridor, we developed the idea to incorporate wood sleepers into the design that mimics both a railway tunnel and a ship’s overturned carcass, a gesture to Sir. John Franklin to whom the park is dedicated.

Steeped in history, this bench is nestled between two great Canadian networks: The Great Trail (the longest recreational and multi-use trail in the world) and the CN Railway (Canada’s longest-serving railway network). 

Upon approach, the design mimics both a railway tunnel entrance and a ship carcass: an overturned outer hull of wood fragments with arched reclaimed sleepers, exposed metal fasteners and rustic ties. A sincere gesture to not only two great Canadian passageways, but to the park named after Sir. John Franklin himself, a British Royal Navy officer who disappeared on his ship during his last great expedition of the Northwest Passage. 

With its modular design, the bench allows the flexibility of parts to compose a desired use of form, function and budget. With the park being located along a popular biking, running and foot path, the design incorporates a bike stand, multiple seating arrangements and dog tie-off points for users to stop, relax and reflect. The main archway section integrates a mid-rail beam as a seat with the option to be seated on either side, while the bench section provides user’s a place to sit while overlooking the park.

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