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Housing Affordability Case Study 07: Superlofts

31 Jan 2019
Image Credit: Stijn Poelstra
Architectural Credit: Marc Koehler Architects
This post is part of our winter 2019 blOAAg series, Housing Affordability: Built-Form Case Studies. The featured case studies are from the OAA’s 2019 report titled, Housing Affordability in Growing Urban Areas, produced by the OAA’s Housing Affordability Task Group and SvN Architects + Planners.

Case Study 07: Superlofts | Architect: Marc Koehler Architects (MKA)
Location: Amsterdam, NL | Year: 2012 - Present
Program: Customizable modular loft apartments | Size: varies depending on project 

Superlofts concept was created due to the high demand for more diverse loft typologies. The concept is to deliver highly tailored loft apartments within a fixed structural framework. Each unit offers a 6m tall (19.7 ft) raw-space in which you can customize or self-build your dream home. This provides the opportunity to match lifestyle and budget for a variety of unique users and attitudes from compact studios to XL penthouses and from a affordable ‘do it yourself’ to turn-key luxury. This ensures each loft can be designed uniquely to meet the lifestyle of the user and can be adapted over time.

Concept diagram showing possible combinations of modular loft types | Superlofts | Marc Koehler Architects

Superlofts are radically flexible and thus resilient mixed-use buildings that can adapt over time to shifting trends and behavior. They are based on a modular and prefab base-structure and flexible fit out system. This allows the interiors to be updated independently, tapping into the trend of healthy, circular and cradle to cradle building products. In some cities Superlofts projects have been crowdfunded by the future homeowners, in others, developers and investors have stepped in. The model has proven to be highly adaptable to different sites.

Interior | Superloft | Marc Koehler Architects | Photography credit: Marcel van der Burg

Superloft | Marc Koehler Architects

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Official release date of the full report to be announced shortly.
The report, Housing Affordability in Growing Urban Areas, was prepared by SvN Architects + Planners Inc. (John van Nostrand, Liana Bresler and Blair Scorgie with the support of Eric Pitre and Jorge Quesada Davies), with the direction and assistance of the OAA Housing Affordability Task Group.


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